Magniflex Toscana Cotton Experience 9 Mattress

Magniflex Toscana Cotton Experience 9 Mattress
Magniflex Toscana Cotton Experience 9

Basic Mattress Info

Mattress Type Foam
Prices $2,099
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Year Launched In Australia 2016

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview Geomemory Foam Comfort Layer
Ecogreen Foam Support Layer
Organic Cotton Mattress Cover.
Comfort Info Pressure relieving comfort
A generous layer of Memoform Magnifoam padding is provided which allows you to experience a unique cradling comfort in order to for the sleeper to enjoy a proper cushioning to the entire body.
Support Info The Cotton Experience 9 by Magniflex enables you to enjoy the utmost pressure relief and optimum lateral support. This luxury mattress brings together the best and latest in mattress innovations to give you a blissful and exquisite sleeping experience.
Firmness Info The Cotton Experience 9 by Magniflex provides you with a medium firm comfort feel. Simply unzip the cover and select your individual comfort by flipping a layer - for a firmer or softer feel.
Comfort Specs Geomemory Foam Comfort Layer
Enriched with natural extracts and hypoallergenic materials, the Geomemory foam moulds itself naturally to the contours of the body and provides independent support to five key areas of the body. Additionally, the Geomemory foam is highly responsive to movement, making it easier for you to move, and get in and out of the bed.
Support Specs Ecogreen Foam Support Later
This high-density, toxic-free foam is made from highly flexible and orthopaedic materials that help ensure the correct alignment of the shoulders, the back and the limbs. Its cellular structure stimulates air flow and keeps the mattress cool and dry.
Fabric Specs Organic Cotton Mattress Cover
The Cotton Experience 9 comes with a 100% organic cotton fabric. This material is pleasant to the touch and promotes mattress breathability for a cool and comfortable sleep.
Breathable 3D fabric
The Cotton Experience 9 utilises a special three-dimensional hi-tech fabric in the outer layer of its mattress. This type of material provides high levels of breathability to the mattress and reduces the level of internal humidity. This causes the mattress to remain cool and dry while neutralizing odours and inhibiting the growth of mould and other harmful allergens.
Manufactured in Italy

Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
Trial Period (nights)
Warranty Length (years) 10

Mattress Specs

Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers
Firmness Options
One Firmness Fits All?
Hard Firmness
Medium Firmness
Soft Firmness
Half-Half Firmness

Size & Weight

Single Dimensions 188 x 92 x 23cm
Single Weight (kg)
King Single
King Single Dimensions 203 x 107 x 23cm
King Single Weight (kg)
Double Dimensions 188 x 137 x 23cm
Double Weight (kg)
Queen Dimensions 203 x 153 x 23cm
Queen Weight (kg)
King Dimensions 203 x 183 x 23cm
King Weight (kg)
California King
California King Dimensions
California King Weight (kg)


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Prices $2,099
Bedworks | Single
Bedworks | King Single
Bedworks | Double
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