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Magniflex Duogel XS Deluxe Mattress

Magniflex Duogel XS Deluxe

Basic Mattress Info

Mattress Type Polyurethane foam Foam
Key Selling Points
  • Certified Australian Made
  • Official WWF Partner - Adopt A Koala
  • 4 Hour Delivery*
  • 120 Night Trial
  • Certi-PUR US® Certified
  • GECA Certified
  • Open Cell
  • TENCEL®-blend cover
  • 7 zone construction
  • Gel-Infused, Hypoallergenic Foam
Prices $750 $600
Koala | Single
$850 $700
Koala | King Single
$950 $800
Koala | Double
$1050 $900
Koala | Queen
$1200 $1050
Koala | King
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Bedworks | King Single
Bedworks | Double
Bedworks | Queen
Bedworks | King
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4.8 out of 5
97% Positive
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Year Launched In Australia 2015 2016

Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
Trial Period (nights) 120
Warranty Length (years) 10 10

Firmness Options

One Firmness Fits All?
Adjustable Firmness
Half-Half Firmness
Selectable Firmness
Firm (Hard) Firmness
Medium Firmness
Plush (Soft) Firmness

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview Using state of the art manufacturing all here in Australia to produce two unique layers of technologically advanced, modern polyurethane foam.
  • 6cm Kloudcell™
  • 16cm Ultra resilient Ecofoam™
  • Luxurious blended fabric cover (68% Polyester, 32% TENCEL®)
The Duogel utilises MAGNIGEL Foam – an exclusive, patented polyurethane foam infused with high-density gel.
Comfort Info Our top layer is Kloudcell™, a new material we made from scratch, bringing mattress design into this century. It's an open-cell comfort layer that's comfier than a spring mattress and more supportive than memory foam. Specifically engineered for a cool and comfortable sleep. The MAGNIGEL is engineered to provide a cool and well-supported sleeping experience. This material also promotes proper air circulation and ventilation and heat dissipation through the gel infusion's cooling properties.
Support Info Airflow comes from our ventilated design and open-cell materials, tested and refined over two years.
Our support layer also spreads body-weight vertically, ensuring a deep sleep, no matter who you share the bed with.
The Duogel XS Deluxe Mattress provides you with a hypoallergenic sleeping zone that lets you enjoy a cool and comfortable pressure-relieving sleep every night. It targets the seven zones of the body's shape for optimum lateral support and pressure relief at sensitive points.
Firmness Info Designed to be a single firmness, we've spent many hours tweaking the Koala's Mattress specifications to ensure it is universally comfortable for everyone. The Duogel XS Deluxe by Magniflex provides you with a medium firm comfort feel. Simply unzip the cover and select your individual comfort by flipping a layer - for a firmer or softer feel.
Comfort Specs The Kloudcell™ comfort layer has been specifically designed to provide outstanding support and excellent weight distribution. Regardless of the climate or the season, you'll get a good quality sleep with a Koala Mattress. The Kloudcell comfort Layer offers great comfort levels for the body throughout the night while allowing for easy movement and repositioning. The world-class technology dissipates heat throughout the night, meaning it feels cool to touch and won't leave you feeling hot. Pressure relieving comfort
A generous layer of Memoform Magnifoam padding is provided which allows you to experience a unique cradling comfort in order to for the sleeper to enjoy a proper cushioning to the entire body.
Support Specs Zero-disturbance technology™
Our Ecofoam support layer transfers body movements vertically, making it ideal for sharing with a partner. It's like sleeping in separate beds, without giving up the cuddles.
Optimum lateral support
The Duogel uses the Eliosoft Foam - an expanded-cell, high density foam that is breathable, comfortable and durable. This provides proper orthopaedic support to the sleeper.
Fabric Specs Our unique removable, washable cover makes it easy to keep it looking and feeling fresh. The Duogel comes with a Viscose Magniflex Style Fabric cover – a mattress cover that promotes air flow and heat dissipation. This fabric cover is removable and can be dry-cleaned, thus enabling you to maintain a clean and healthy sleeping zone.
Manufactured in Australia Italy


Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers

Size & Weight

Single Dimensions 188 x 92 x 23cm 188 x 92 x 25cm
Single Weight (kg) 15.7
King Single
King Single Dimensions 203 x 107 x 23cm 203 x 107 x 25cm
King Single Weight (kg) 20
Double Dimensions 188 x 138 x 23cm 188 x 137 x 25cm
Double Weight (kg) 23.2
Queen Dimensions 203 x 153 x 23cm 203 x 153 x 25cm
Queen Weight (kg) 27.9
King Dimensions 203 x 183 x 23cm 203 x 183 x 25cm
King Weight (kg) 35.1
California King
California King Dimensions
California King Weight (kg)

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Delivery Cost FREE From $50
Delivery Info

We use the latest technology to squish our mattress and deliver it in a small box. Ready to sleep on immediately.
We offer free 4 hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Everywhere else, delivery is still fast and free.

Current Promotions
Prices$750 $600
Koala | Single
$850 $700
Koala | King Single
$950 $800
Koala | Double
$1050 $900
Koala | Queen
$1200 $1050
Koala | King
Bedworks | Single
Bedworks | King Single
Bedworks | Double
Bedworks | Queen
Bedworks | King
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